Here I want to publish some information around Curacao…….

Nightly Visitors

At one night, we have a big ghost crab at the apartment.

Another Paradise


The currency of Curacao is the: “Nederlands Antillean Guilder” (ANG, in Papiamentu:”Florin”). The currency is pegged with US$ (1 US$ =1,79 f). 1 EUR ~ 2,32 ANG

Need money – take a job !

It’s easy to get money…you only need a job

The Pipe Frogs

At our apartment lived the pipe frogs. Every day after sunset, they began to make sound during the whole night. They are very small (1,5 cm) but so loud, that it sometimes hurts in the ears.

Table Water

On Curacao you can drink the normal mains water risk free. It comes from a modern seawater desalination plant.  

There is a paradise – cool car plates on the island

Navigation on Curacao

For our navigation on Curacao, we used the Android App: OsmAnd. You can download the map from Curacao and use navigation in offline mode. It was very good and freeware and helped us, to navigate in and around Willemstad.

Peaceful neighbors

At our apartment, we had some peaceful neighbors  

Crazy Car Rental

Randomize, we see this cool and crazy car, that you can rent at:

High voltage helps you

This high voltage racket helps you in your fight against mosquitoes…and it sounds good! )

It will happen…

If a mosquito has bitten you – and it will happen, this will help you on your bothered skin.

Useful Things II

Not so good against mosquitoes (DEET only 25%), but not so poisonous:

Useful Things

If you travel to Curacao and you are allergic on mosquitoes (there are many mosquitoes) – you must buy this! You can buy it in every supermarket.